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Unsecured Business Loan in India

What is Unsecured Debt Funding?

Unsecured Debt Funding

It is known that youngsters and entrepreneurs of small businesses in India are determined and innovative. They have all sorts of ideas.  Even full-fledged plans for a working business enterprise. There is one thing that gets in the way of most businesses in India’s funding to launch their project. 

Getting project funding seems quite a convenient option, but what if there is no collateral? Businesses can obtain unsecured debt funding in this case. There are several aspects to this kind of loan that matter in sanctioning a fund with no collateral.


Before putting forth a proposal, it is extremely essential to have a thorough understanding of unsecured debt funding. Unraveling what unsecured business funding is about being meticulous about the requirements and the process that follows. Although, basically it can just be defined as a type of loan that is provided to business owners without the availability of collateral for the same. It is one of the most convenient types of loans. Business owners who are looking forward to the expansion, reconstruction, or giving rise to a brand new business venture or any short-term business contingencies can acquire unsecured debt funding. Well, even if the collateral is not required, there are other requirements that have to fulfil. Here are some FAQs on unsecured debt funding


In order to get this, there are certain parameters that will decide whether you are an eligible borrower for the same or not. The processing of unsecured debt funding takes place as follows:

1. Understanding Client's Requirement:

The first and foremost thing in the processing of the debt is understanding and comprehending what the client requires. As per the requirements, the financial institution figures out the details. The requirements such as financial strengths and weaknesses, future needs of the enterprise, and others.

2. Funding Proposal and Documentation:

Once the proposal and the client’s requirements are comprehended, the documentation process will start. The borrower makes a plan and chooses a suitable option before documentation begins. Sanctioning the loan requires different kinds of documents. When this is complete, execution of the proposal shall begin and the loan will be sanctioned. As per the constitution of the business, (Sole proprietor or partnership firm, private limited company, or limited company), documents are prepared and submitted to the financial institutions. 

Since there is no collateral, the sanctioning of unsecured debt funding depends on the borrower’s credit score ratings, Business model, expected demand, etc such factors. There are other kinds of requirements as well. That will change and vary depending on the financial institutions, that have approached.

Let’s understand the process of unsecured debt funding from the case study. 

The process to avail of Unsecured Funding

Repayment of the Loan

Once the financial institution has disbursed, the borrower to liable to repay the interest. The interval of the repayment may vary from the financial institution to institution. Most financial institutions prefer to get repaid on a monthly basis. Few may offer a fortnightly basis, and few may offer a weekly or daily basis as well. The terms and conditions are very well explained in the sanction letter. So the borrower will always have the right to choose the right and most suitable options for him.

How to Get Unsecured Funding?

There are various financial institutions that grant unsecured debt funding. The debt market involves government banks and corporate banks, mainly. But still, there are other private unsecured business loan lenders in India who are lending a hand to enthusiastic and aspiring entrepreneurs. Also, it is essential that the private institution providing funding is trustworthy and maintains transparency of the process with the borrower. It is recommended that all the options and aspects are considered when choosing among the unsecured debt fund.

Terkar Capital is one of the well-established providers of unsecured loans. With a skilled and dedicated staff at Terkar Capital, we ensure that we fulfill our client’s needs and requirements. We provide multiple solutions to our clients with the best interest rate options. However, the relationship doesn’t end with the sanctioning of the fund, we have a lifetime bond with the customer to be of help whenever required.

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