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Why we are the Best?

Fast Turnaround Time

We cordially track the deadlines and  make our quality tangible, while executing finance project well ahead of time.


We comply with the highest professional confidentiality standards. All client’s information is discussed in strict confidentiality.

Best Rate of Interest

We find you the right lenders with the similar terms and the lowest rate of interest.

Hassle-free Processing

We create a stable ownership structure for financiers by establishing a secure transaction process.

High Level of Integrity

We are building our reputation through reliability, integrity and honesty. We connect to our clients on personal grounds that includes transparency and liability.

Transparent Process

Investment Banking in India is full of ‘Terms and Conditions’ which comes with lack of transparency. But, at Terkar capital we lay down a very transparent process right from the start.

How We Work?

Terkar Capital offers you a comprehensive suite of finances with easy and convenient steps. Choose your loan type from the top investment banking in India. Get assistance in less than 2 minutes.

types of loan

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document submission

Document Submission & Verification

We will collect your documents also check the eligibility. We find you the best lender suiting your needs which will offer the lowest rate of interest.

It is not always necessary that we shall wait for months to approve. Terkar Capital arranges business loan financing through Banks, NBFC, and other financial institutions.

loan approval

Loan Approval

Investment Banking Services

Covered in these areas
corporate finance

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance deals with the capital creation and development of a corporation. It includes funding and the steps that the management takes to increase the value of the company. It is considered as a liaison between the capital market and the organization.

unsecured funding

Unsecured Business Loan

While running the corporate empires, you never know, when you require short-term and critical finances. On such short notice, it is difficult to manage the funds. For that reason, we can be your helping hand by arranging the unsecured business loan financing through Banks, NBFC’s and other financial…

working capital finance

Working Capital Finance

It is not always necessary that we shall consider only Indian markets for raising finance. USA being one among the developed economies of the world, allows many Indian companies to raise the funds from their market. And that is what we arrange from…

project funding

Project Funding

Indian economy offers numerous options to procure the finances for Indian Businesses. Many small and medium sector companies can take advantage of Indian Stock Markets with proper guidance and right lenders. We at Terkar Capital helps SME’s to raise the capital with…

builder finance

Builder Finance

Cities known for their ‘Architecture’ are conceived by creative architects and builder fraternity. Real estate industry is among the major contributors to the growth of Indian economy. Thus, we at Terkar Capital are ethically obliged to arrange all the finance requirements of this fraternity.

machinery finance

Machinery Loan

The machinery loan is something that acts as a savior for your enterprise. With this, the SMEs get a loan to purchase machinery that can help grow their business by a mile. And if you’re worried about the complications involved, rest assured, getting a machinery loan in India is quite easy. 

Why Terkar Capital?

  • We are best in providing end to end funding needs and financial solutions to Corporate clients.
  • Offers services of Investment Banking in India
  • Offers a broad range of advanced, tailored, affordable funding solutions along with world-class financial expertise.
  • We take professional, innovative and proactive steps in solving multifaceted Financial business problems.
  • We value and promote seamless interaction with clients.
why terkar capital
financial consultant

Top Investment banking in India

We provide consultation for all kinds of investment banking and capital funding. We believe in supporting and creating opportunities for SMEs and large businesses across India.

The objective of the company is to reach sectors of SMEs that are not organized and financially excluded.

The goal is to make finances available at a reasonable cost and deliver transparently.

Terkar Capital is headquartered in Pune and corporate office in Mumbai. We offer services of investment banking in India. Provides capital to both the urban and the rural companies to meet their production needs when starting new businesses or to grow an existing business.

We help bridge the gap between eligible borrowers and capable lenders in India.

Client Testimonials

What our client says?
  • We are very thankful to Terkar Capital for your efforts in arranging facility. Their approach is very simple, professional, and fast! The team is highly responsive that executed the process in short span of time without any hassles. Great work… Thank you!

    Harshada T***
  • We have had a smooth experience with all our capital arrangements facilitated via Terkar Capital so far. Its very comforting to work with people as professional and straightforward as Vishal and the rest of his team. Thanks for everything.

    N N****i
  • Professionally managed the complete process, right from understanding Business and it’s funding requirements upto banking products to choose and go for.

    Hiralal C
  • A big thank you to the entire Terkar Capital team for the tremendous job in providing us an unsecured funding.
    Extremely happy with the ownership, level of commitment, and excellence of delivery by the entire Terkar Capital team. We are grateful for it. Congratulations and thanks again to all of you for a job done well. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Terkar Capital.

  • Terkar capital has been providing professional services and very much proactive to achieve clients objectives
    To sum up Terkar = Value for business

  • They processed my business loan very quickly within the time and I got my unsecured business loan just in few days.

    AA Khandekar
  • Thank you Terkar Capital for processing my business loan in just a few working days. Very professional & skilled team. They understood my requirements to a level that were beyond my expectations from any lending company. I strongly recommend Terkar Capital.

    S Chandrashekhar
  • I got an unsecured business loan within 7 working days. Their specialized experts verfied all the documents and granted me the loan. So, Getting a business loan from terkar capital can be the easiest way to get a loan

    M Dwivedi

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