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Investment Banking Firm in India

Terkar Capital is an Investment Banking Firm with a national footprint. We work exclusively for businesses to raise finance. We do the Financial SWOT analysis of the company and based on the analysis, design the debt instruments. Eventually, it should match the management expectations of raising the funds and also should justify the end use of the funds.

Investment Banking Instruments

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Corporate Finance

unsecured funding

Unsecured Business Loan

Structured debt fund

Structured Debt

Loan for professionals

Loan to Professionals

unsecured working capital finance

Unsecured Working Capital

working capital finance

Working Capital Finance

Machinery Loan

Machinery Loan

loan against securities

Loan Against Securities

What sets us apart?

Fast Turnaround Time

We cordially track the deadlines and make our quality tangible, while executing finance projects well ahead of time.


We comply with the highest professional confidentiality standards. All client information is discussed in strict confidentiality.

Best Rate of Interest

We find you the right lenders with the similar terms and the lowest rate of interest.

Hassle-free Processing

We create a stable ownership structure for financiers by establishing a secure transaction process.

High Level of Integrity

We are building our reputation through reliability, integrity, and honesty. We connect to our clients on personal grounds that include transparency and liability.

Transparent Process

Investment Banking firm is full of Terms & Conditions which come with a lack of transparency. But, at Terkar capital we lay down a very transparent process right from the start.

How do we work?

We offer you a comprehensive suite of finances with easy and convenient steps. Choose your loan type with the leading investment banking firm in India. Get assistance in less than 5 minutes.

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We will collect your documents and also check your eligibility. We find you the best lender suiting your needs which will offer the lowest rate of interest.

It is not always necessary that we shall wait for months for approval. Terkar Capital arranges business loan financing through Banks, NBFC, and other financial institutions.

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Why Terkar Capital?

  • Leading Investment Banking firm in India
  • We are best at providing end-to-end funding needs and financial solutions to Corporate clients.
  • Offers a broad range of advanced, tailored, affordable funding solutions along with world-class financial expertise.
  • We take professional, innovative, and proactive steps in solving multifaceted Financial business problems.
  • We value and promote seamless interaction with clients.
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Investment Banking Firm

We provide consultation for all kinds of investment banking and capital funding. We believe in supporting and creating opportunities for SMEs and large businesses across India.

The objective of the company is to reach sectors of SMEs that are not organized and are financially excluded.

The goal is to make finances available at a reasonable cost and deliver transparently.

Terkar Capital is headquartered in Pune and corporate office in Mumbai. We provide capital to both urban and rural companies to meet their production needs when starting new businesses or growing an existing business. We help bridge the gap between eligible borrowers and capable lenders in India.

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How we can help you?

We raise the funds from Domestic / International Fund Houses, Govt. Banks, Private Banks, Cooperative Banks, and NBFCs. The debt funding can be raised with multiple permutations and combinations. There are two major segments we cater to raise the funds. One is Below Rs. 100 crores and another one is above Rs. 100 crores.

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Do not hesitate to reach out to Terkar Capital for investment banking instruments. We encourage you to contact us before your visit in order to get the best service possible.