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Official Hours: Mon to Sat - 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Unsecured Working Capital Loan

Fund your business with unsecured working capital

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    Unsecured Working Capital Loan

    Finance can be appealing for companies in need of working capital, but at times securing a loan is no easy feat, for a business to get a loan they usually need to pledge some kind of collateral or asset. Thus, working capital with no collateral becomes a very powerful instrument. It is perhaps the most convenient type of loan to apply for, as they require little to no money down nor do you have to pledge any collateral.

    Cash is considered the blood for business health. The better it circulates, the healthier the condition remains. However, the cash is in working capital format. It is one of the prime requirements of every business. The reason is very simple – to justify the growing demand in the market. Be it any industry – manufacturing, service, or trading, all industries require working capital. The working capital facility is given by the bankers, which major includes – OD, CC, BG, etc.

    Collateral Requirement

    Conventionally, all these instruments require collateral. Most of the time, the collateral is available to the manufacturing industry. But how the service and trading industry can justify their working capital requirement? Because the service and trading industry creates the intellectual properties of fixed assets, like the manufacturing industry. What is business collateral? Read here.

    We at Terkar Capital understand the promoter’s requirement for working capital and the financial institutions’ requirement for collateral. And so is the reason we have to find out the middle way where we can arrange the working capital without collateral, that is unsecured working capital.

    Advantages of unsecured working capital loan

    • No collateral is required and a faster turnaround time.
    • Multiple debt instruments can be explored, specific to your business.
    • Positive impact on the turnover ratio and meeting its business current obligations, also showcase how much working capital finance is required for the future.
    • It involves repayment on a short-term basis.
    • You will be charged only for the amount you used. No fixed obligation like a Term Loan.

    Documents Required:

    Like every other financial procedure, obtaining an unsecured working capital loan also involves documentation. This is extremely important. The documentation can act as a major factor in the success of obtaining this loan. The availability of documentation determines the duration of the procedure.

    Here are some of the necessary documents which are essential for obtaining this unsecured working capital loan:

    • Identity documents  –  Aadhar card, PAN card, Driving license, Voter ID, Passport, etc
    • Address proofs  – Ration card, electricity bill, lease agreement, trade license, passport, tax invoices, etc.
    • Financial documents  -  Bank statement, CIBIL, business bank statement, asset count, etc.

    Why Terkar Capital?

    Terkar Capital is one such financial firm, which provides easy and fast unsecured working capital loans in India. At Terkar Capital, high business financing facilities are sustained with the most modernized techniques. When it comes to finding working capital without collateral for your growing company, Terkar Capital is your go-to source!!