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Official Hours: Mon to Sat - 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Bill Discounting

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    Bill Discounting in India

    Bill discounting or invoice discounting is a trade. A seller gets his payment once he raises the invoice to his customer and if he/she fits certain criteria. You can get your payment once you submit the invoice to the respective financial institutions after the submission of minimal documentation. Bill discounting will help you to get your working capital and will help your firm grow rapidly.

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    Bill Discounting Facilities for MSMEs

    Indian Financial Institutions are still not in a better condition to understand the MSMEs and fund them accordingly. Almost 75% of the MSMEs have no collateral to offer to the banks. And there is always a crunch for working capital for them. To resolve this working capital issue, bill discounting in India will stand as the best and most suitable option from all angles.

    Advantages of Bill Discounting

    1. You can discount your invoices from the Financial institutions and get your invoices paid immediately.
    2. The discounting can be done up to 95% of the invoice amount and the remaining will be paid once your debtors pay.
    3. Bill also makes it easier to deal with large corporates.
    4. It eases the working capital cycle


    Many times working capital gets blocked in an unpaid invoice which can be problematic for the companies. Thus, through invoice discounting, your cash can get freed up rapidly by discounting bills of exchange.

    If you have more working capital, it can lead to faster growth of your business. You don’t have to wait for 50 days or 90 days for your payments. Through bill discounting you can get the payment almost immediately.

    You will only pay interest for the amount of money you discount and for the time period you use the money. This is a very convenient and flexible option for most businesses and firms. Best fit for working capital management.

    Several businesses have cash flow problems nowadays. Due to this, they cannot pay their suppliers on time. When you get your invoice paid early, you will pay your suppliers early. Through invoice discounting, you can pay your suppliers quickly and also before time in order to avail of early payment discounts. This will help to strengthen your relations with your suppliers and they will always stand by your tough conditions, for your support.

    One of the biggest issues companies faces while invoice discounting is a mortgage. Not all companies have mortgages and this results in the working capital crunch. We at Terkar Capital, arrange the bill discounting in India but absolutely with no mortgage. So this will be funding without a mortgage option for you.

    Business requires the working capital in a flexible format, where they can use and refund the exposure as and when required. But most financial institutions have a term loan format for unsecured working capital. But we at Terkar Capital arrange it in CC format. The limit will be open for you and you can use the limit as and when you raise the invoice to the client.

    Understand the process of bill discounting from the case study.

    Bill Discounting Rate of Interest

    Currently, in the Indian debt market, unsecured funding starts with 18% PA, that too in the term loan format. When you consider the option of Bill Discounting, this comes under working capital financial instruments. Even if this is an unsecured product the rate of interest starts with 12% PA and you have to pay only for the period you use the bill discounting facility. As soon as your customer pays the invoice, the interest living cycle stops.

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    The whole process of the documentation is very simple and time-saving. Initially, when you approach us we get all the major documentation done. Once the limit is approved you only have to submit the invoice and in a day or two, the amount gets credited to your account.

    The process to avail Bill Discounting

    Why Terkar Capital?

    Terkar Capital is an investment banking firm providing bill discounting facilities. This helps businesses to minimize their risk and to get access to better financial products, eventually saving the cost and strengthening the bottom line. Thus, avail of a hassle-free arrangement for bill discounting without a mortgage in Pune, Mumbai, and across India. We are one of the most modernized and highly specialized bills discounting syndication companies. We understand the customer and their financial strengths and weaknesses and only then suggest the best financial solutions.