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Mumbai is the financial capital of India. We are proud of our Financial Capital. One of the places on the earth full of dreams, and full of life. The city with full of financial opportunities. This city controls the whole financial moment across India. Mumbai has a huge demand for funds. And we are happy to cater the same. So, looking for the top investment banking firms in Mumbai? Your search could stop at Terkar Capital.

Terkar capital is among the leading investment banking firms in Mumbai. We are committed to providing multiple debts and equity fund solutions to all the businesses across Mumbai. Thus, the city continues to keep the financial momentum across the country. We assist all businesses. Right from the sole propitiatory firm to the public limited company. Let the business be in any Industry viz, Trading, Manufacturing, Services, or agriculture. Terkar Capital understand the financial need of every business. Being the best investment banking firm in Mumbai, We are not limited to only suggestions. We also make sure to execute the required financial solution for the business

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Investment Banking Services in Mumbai

corporate finance

Corporate Finance


Private Equity Services

project funding

Project Funding

debt syndication

Debt Syndication

trade finance

Trade Finance

builder finance

Builder Finance

sugar pledge loan

Sugar Pledge Loan

LC Discounting

LC Discounting

bank guarantee

Bank Guarantee

working capital loan

Working Capital Loan

loan against property

Loan Against Property

lease rental discounting

Lease Rental Discounting

cgtmse loan


Funding for Schools in India By Terkar Capital

Funding for Schools

msme loan in india


unsecured business loan in india

Unsecured Business Loan

machinery loan

Machinery Loan

private debt

Private Debt

project report for funding

Project Report For Funding

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