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MSMEs Loan

MSMEs loan in India

MSMEs are recognized under the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development. The GOI enacted the MSMED act 2006. As the name states, the definition of MSMEs consists of Micro, small, and medium scale enterprises. Get an MSME loan in India at Terkar Capital. Apply Now.

msme loan

COVID 19 Special packages for MSMEs

On 13th May 2020, the government announced a COVID19 Relief package for the MSMEs. Here are some key highlights:

  • Banks and NBFCs to provide Emergency Credit Line to MSMEs to up to 20% of entire outstanding credit as on 29.2.2020
    • Eligible Borrowers- Up to Rs 25 crore of the outstanding loan and up to Rs 100 crore of turnover.
    • The tenure of the loan is 4 years with a 1-year moratorium.
    • 100% credit guarantee cover by the government to Banks and NBFCs.
    • Interest Capped and No Guarantee Fee
    • Scheme available till 31st Oct 2020
  • Subordinated Debt along with partial guarantee support from government to banks for providing Rs 20,000 crore subordinated debt to stressed and NPA MSMEs. The government took the risk to cover up to the first 20% of the loss.
  • Fund of Funds with a corpus of Rs 10,000 crore to be set up to provide equity funding support to MSMEs with high growth potential
  • Global Tenders for any government procurement of up to Rs 200 crore are disallowed which means more opportunities for domestic MSMEs
  • All MSME receivables from Government and CPSEs are to be released in the next 45 days.

MSME is the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. They are the backbone of the Indian economy. This sector contributes to 45% of India’s Total Industrial Employment and 50% of India’s Total Exports. So, MSME industries manufacture more than 6000 types of products, presently. Thus, when these industries grow, the economy of the country will also flourish.

Various financial institutions offer unsecured business loans for MSMEs to meet various business-related expenses. The applicant should fulfill the MSME loan eligibility criteria. Thus, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Government of India define MSME loans as a loan for businesses to support them in terms of infrastructure, finance, and other areas.

There are certain government schemes under which certain financial institutions offer loans for MSMEs. For instance, CGTMSE, PMEGP, MUDRA Loan, and so on. Let’s see how to get an MSME loan without collateral?

  • The applicant of the MSME loan age above 25 years.
  • The business should be across the service or manufacturing sector in order to avail of the MSME Loan.
  • The investments in the service sector should not exceed Rs. 5 crores.
  • The business should have been in operation for more than six months if the fund is borrowed for business expansion.
  • The business setup should not be in the blacklist categories.

1. Hassle-Free Loan

Business owners get MSME loans without collateral availability. It is one of the most convenient types of loans available. So, it can be acquired by businesses looking forward to expansions, reconstruction, launching a new business venture, and so on. Avail of MSME loans for new businesses.

2. Lower Interest Rates

The MSME loan interest rate is lower as compared to other loans. Thus it gives competitive advantages.

3. No Collateral

MSMEs generally do not have several assets that they can give as collateral. This may also be risky for them. Thus, the MSME loan without collateral is beneficial.

4. Short term

MSME loans have been given for a short period of time. So, the MSMEs use these loans to fulfill their short-term needs. Thus do not have a burden of any long-term commitment.

5. Avoid relinquishing control

Sometimes some investors are ready to help the MSMEs financially. And ask for controlling a part of the company in return. But MSME loans are specially designed so that the MSME owners do not have to relinquish their control of the company.


CGTMSE is an SME initiative. It has launched in 2000. The CGTMSE scheme provides credit guarantees to financial institutions that provide loans to MSMEs. A maximum amount of Rs 2 crore was granted as the loan amount.

We at Terkar Capital, understand client requirements for working capital. Thus, we arrange everything required for getting the CGTMSE funding from the best available financial institutions.

2. Unsecured Business Loans

Sometimes MSMEs do not have sufficient assets to provide as collateral while taking loans from financial institutions. Financial institutions give Unsecured Business Loans without collateral availability. These loans are generally approved on the basis of the track record of the business and many other factors.

Terkar Capital provides top services of investment banking in India. We provide MSME unsecured loans, bill discounting, LC discounting, factoring, etc. We are one of the most modernized and highly specialized unsecured business loan facilitators in India. Our executives are well trained to speed up the procedure and assist in compiling the documentation. So, Avail MSME unsecured loan at Terkar Capital.

3. Machinery Loans

Businesses require machinery to speed up the tasks at a faster rate. However, machinery is expensive. So, most SMEs cannot afford it with their budget. Therefore, taking a loan, particularly for the machinery helps these businesses significantly. As they can buy the required tools and equipment. Thus, increasing their overall productivity. These can be obtained in any sector like construction, manufacturing, and so on. Get a machinery loan for MSME.

At Terkar Capital, We focus on providing our clients with the most beneficial machinery loans. We help the client right from application to documentation, eligibility, and so on. So, the borrower has explained everything about the loan until the repayment plan, and the procedure commences, only when the picture is clear at both ends.

Learn more from MSME loans FAQs.

Why Terkar Capital?

Terkar Capital is one of the best financial firms in India. We understand the customer, their financial strengths, and their weaknesses. We then suggest the best financial solutions. Thus, we help you with arranging MSME Loans in India.

Terkar Capital is headquartered in Pune and corporate office in Mumbai. We are one of the most modernized and highly specialized MSME loan facilitators in India. The executives are well trained to speed up the procedure. So, they assist in compiling the documentation. Thus, with our thorough assistance and guidance, we help you choose the right repayment structure. We suggest to you the type of loan you should go for.

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