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FAQs on Bill Discounting

bill discounting

Bill Discounting is a method of trading. The seller gets the amount in advance before the maturity of the bill at a smaller amount than its actual. That is at a discounted rate. The process can be executed with banks or even with Financial Institutions and NBFCs. The reason for discounting is mostly for working capital requirement. In simple words, It can also be termed as Short Term Loans against unpaid bills/accounts receivables.

1. Is Bill discounting a type of loan?

Bill discounting is a type of invoice financing where the borrower gets the loan against its unpaid bills. In simple words, they are short-term business loans. Understand bill discounting in detail.

2. How is the interest calculated?

The interest calculation is as per the terms of the lending bank or financial institution. It considers the credit period or the tenure of the bill. That may be 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc. as the case may be.

3. Who provides Bill discounting services?

Generally, banks provide this service. But nowadays NBFCs or Financial Institutions also offer these services. It is a convenient process. Because documentation is less and eligibility criteria depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower with the bank as well as the credit score of the debtor.

4. What is the repayment period?

The repayment period is the credit period decided as per the agreement between the parties, the buyer and seller. The period of the bill will get over on the maturity date or repayment of money against the bill, whichever is earlier.

5. What are the advantages of Bill Discounting?

Bill discounting is a fast and convenient process. Also, this financial instrument makes immediate availability of funds to the seller, which does not stop his operations of the business.

6. What is the procedure of bill discounting?

I. The seller sells goods on credit to the buyer. He issues a bill of exchange to the buyer. Thus, the buyer accepts it and acknowledges the bill. The buyer states his credit periods and resends them to the seller.

II. The seller then goes to the bank and discounts the bill. Here the credit score or the seller-banker relationship has been checked.

III. Bank transfers the amount deducting the discount in favor of the seller.

IV. The seller then uses this amount till the end of the credit period.

V. Lastly, when the credit period is over, the bank collects the payment of the bill from the buyer/payee. The payment of the bill can be done any time in the credit period but not after maturity. If the buyer/payee is unable to pay the amount of the bill, the seller does the payments or the specified person as per the stated agreement.

Learn the process of bill discounting from the case study.

7. Is CIBIL score important?

Traditionally, financial instruments are used to come up with some sort of securities. But today they even availed themselves without security. If bill discounting is availed through an unsecured way, CIBIL and the relationship with the banker are primarily checked.

8. What are the methods of presenting Bill Discounting?

There are two methods included in Bill discounting, namely: Recource and Non- recourse.

Recourse: In this method, the examination of all the documents is on the seller’s bank. After a thorough investigation, they send the same for checking to the buyer’s bank. Here, the seller or the seller’s bank is responsible for any mishap in the whole process.

Non-recourse: This method is contrary to the previous one. Thus, the buyer’s bank examines the documents and raises a bill against the seller. The buyer here will be held responsible for any default in the process of bill discounting.

9. How does Terkar Capital help in Bill discounting?

Terkar Capital is among the top bill discounting companies in India. We work exclusively for raising finances from all the sources.  We arrange both debt and equity funding. Terkar Capital have expertise in market strategies that provide bill discounting facility at ease.

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