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Terkar Capital is the one-stop solution for investment banking services in India. We provide consultation for all kinds of investment banking and capital funding. We believe in supporting and creating opportunities for SMEs and large businesses across India.

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Investment Banking Services in India

corporate finance

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance deals with the capital creation and development of a corporation. It includes funding and the steps that the management takes to increase the value of the company. It is considered as a liaison between the capital market and the organization.

Reach us to avail hassle-free corporate finance in India. We work on end to end execution of the fundraising process.


Private Equity

Looking for a Private Equity Fund in India?

At Terkar Capital, we work with many national and international debt and private equity players. We understand the requirements of the client. Thus, arrange financing options accordingly from the Indian and International markets. Terkar Capital is one of the best private equity firms in India. We work on end to end execution of the fundraising process.

project funding

Project Funding

Do you have a project to be completed?

Terkar Capital is among the top project funding agencies in India. We provide the top investment banking services. And thus, provide highly specialized assistance throughout the procedure till the fund approves.

We help SMEs to raise capital with the help of Indian stock markets through SME IPOs.

debt syndication

Debt Syndication

Terkar Capital is at its best to avail effortless and trustworthy debt syndication in India. Thus, being the top debt syndication company, we provide expert analysis of the product. We choose the right lenders for the syndication.

We boast of quick turnaround time and provide timely & optimum availability of funds. Our expert team thus provides you with the complete and perfect end-to-end execution.

trade finance

Trade Finance

Today, the calculations of the businesses have changed and are drastically changing every day like never before. Now is a great chance to explore business at the international level.

We understand the businesses and their financial strengths and weaknesses. And Accordingly recommend the best financial solutions. So, reach us to avail hassle-free trade finance in India.

builder finance

Builder Finance

Builders are the one who creatively thinks of any open piece of land. They will turn it into construction monuments. Builders are the ones who design and decorate the cities with their creativity. They put extraordinary skills to turn creativity into reality.

Terkar Capital is ethically obliged to arrange all the finance requirements of this fraternity. So, reach us to Avail builder finance in India.

Looking for Investment Banking Services in India?

bill discounting

Invoice/Bill Discounting

Get Invoice Discounting / Bill Discounting Services in India.

We provide a hassle-free arrangement for bill discounting without mortgages across India. It is one of the most modernized and highly specialized Bill Discounting syndication companies in India.

Invoice/Bill discounting will help you to get your working capital and assist your firm to grow rapidly.

foreign currency funding

Foreign Currency Funding

Foreign currency funding comes into the picture when you borrow the amount you need in a foreign currency. Also, repay the loan in that foreign currency too. There are many businesses in India today which have exposure to foreign currency. So, businesses can take foreign currency funding.

Reach out to Terkar Capital for Foreign Currency Funding in India.

Factoring Services

Factoring Services

In factoring, Terkar Capital understands the customer. We check the feasibility of how well factoring can suit your business.

Once we analyze and confirm the feasibility of factoring, we search for the best suit factor for your debtors and execute the whole process smoothly.

At Terkar Capital, Avail Collatral Free Factoring Service in India.

sugar pledge loan

Sugar Pledge Loan

The sugar industry is one of the most capital-intensive industries. So, financing sugar companies can be complicated.

If you are looking for a sugar pledge loan in India, Terkar Capital is a one-stop solution for you. So, apply for a Sugar Pledge Loan at Terkar Capital today!

LC Discounting

LC Discounting

Issuance of a letter of credit OR discounting of LC is a complicated process. This requires the expert’s consultation and execution.

We understand the importance of your international business and the level of risk exposure you are taking. So, we make sure to provide the best LC discounting in India.

bank guarantee

Bank Guarantee

We at Terkar Capital, understand the role of the bank guarantee from the buyer side as well as the seller side. Thus, it is not only limited to the issuance of the bank guarantee but to the discounting of the bank guarantee as well. Avail hassle-free bank guarantee in India at Terkar Capital. Contact us Today!

working capital loan

Working Capital Loan

The working capital loan is considered the best way of organizing the funds for carrying out regular business activities. So, working capital finance helps in a difficult scenario.

We at Terkar Capital help you with arranging a working capital Loan in India.

loan against property

Loan Against Property (LAP)

Terkar Capital provides a Loan against property in India. It can be obtained for resolving various financial hurdles that come in front of companies in the businesses.

So, get the best loan price on your property to supply your needs at Terkar Capital.

lease rental discounting

Lease Rental Discounting (LRD)

Terkar Capital provides Lease Rental Discounting Services in India for several purposes. It includes starting a new business, investing in another property, personal reasons, and others.

LRD is provided to the borrower based on their income from the rented property.

Avail of investment banking services in India.

cgtmse loan


CGTMSE Loans is the Government of India Scheme. It aims at aiding Indian firms that are in their initial phases or fall under the MSE.

Looking for a loan under the CGTMSE scheme? We at Terkar Capital provide hassle-free CGTMSE loans in India.

Funding for Schools in India By Terkar Capital

Funding for Schools in India

Need funding for schools? Terkar Capital arranges Funding For Schools in India. Features:

  1. Long-term Tenure
  2. Flexible Repayment Option
  3. Reasonable ROI.
msme loan in india


MSMEs – Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of the Indian Economy. Various financial institutions offer Unsecured Loans to MSMEs to meet all business-related expenses. 

We help you with arranging MSME Loan in India. Thus, get a loan for your MSME.

unsecured business loan in india

Unsecured Business Loan

An unsecured business loan is widely taken by businesses across India to meet short-term discrepancies. It includes lack of machinery, worker payments, pending bills, buying new stock, etc.

Looking for Unsecured Business Loan in India? Contact us Today!

machinery loan

Machinery Loan

Getting a machinery loan is an effective way of enhancing the business. As it offers a higher level of eligibility, quickly financed.

We at Terkar Capital focus on providing our clients with the most beneficial machinery loan in India.

private debt

Private Debt

Private Debt Fund specifically addresses the substantial gap in regional financing markets. It deals with the industry challenges in the best way possible. Private debt players follow all the rules and guidelines laid down by RBI & the GOI.

Get Private Debt Fund in India.

project report for funding

Project Report For Funding

You must be ready with the projections, Whenever you plan to expand through your existing setup or new unit or through vertical or horizontal expansion.

We at Terkar Capital, understand the whole project. Thus, prepare the project report for the best possible outcomes.

Contact us to avail services for Project Report for Funding in India.

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