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dropline overdraft

What is a Dropline Overdraft?

Dropline Overdraft (DLOD)

Drop-line Overdraft (DLOD) is a facility granted to the customer by the financial institution where businesses can overdraw from their current account up to a limit that is agreed upon by the banker. Overdraft is one of the most efficient forms of borrowing as one needs to pay interest only for the amount of money withdrawn.

The dropline overdraft is almost similar in all the cases except in new cases as there is the availability of the limit. This withdrawal limit reduces each month from the limit which is sanctioned. The calculation of the Interest rate is done on a daily basis and it is charged at the month’s end. You will be charged only for the amount used, So, you can always park your funds in a virtual account whenever funds are not in use.

Important features of Dropline Overdraft:

It can come in as both forms of loan i.e. Secured loan and Unsecured loan

  1. In case one opts for an unsecured dropline overdraft, there is no requirement for any collateral.
  2. DLOD is a hybrid of both term loans and overdraft facilities.
  3. The limit of the withdrawal reduces monthly from the sanctioned limit.
  4. The facility is only available for the current account. Thus, the amount is only credited to the current account from the bank.
  5. The interest is calculated on a daily basis as the amount is withdrawn. It is charged only on a monthly basis.
  6. DLOD is the best facility for manufacturers, retailers, traders, and service providers.
  7. There is no kind of yearly renewal charges levied.

Who is eligible for the Dropline Overdraft facility?

Any entrepreneur, proprietor, self-employed professional, a private company, or partnership firm will get access to the DLOD facility.

What are the documents needed for the DLOD facility?

1. General requirements

KYC Documents of borrower and co-applicants.

    1. Aadhar Card
    2. PAN Card

2. Statutory documents

In the case of Proprietary Firm:

  1. Shop Act
  2. GST certificate
  3. Udyog Aadhar certificate

For a Partnership Firm:

  1. Shop Act
  2. GST certificate
  3. Udyog Adhar certificate
  4. Partnership deed

In the case of a Private limited company:

  1. Certification of incorporation 
  2. AOA
  3. MOA

3. Income documents
  1. Last 3 years Financials (audited)
  2. Last 3 years ITR
  3. Existing loans status
  4. 1-year Banking

Why Terkar Capital for DLOD Facility?

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