Loan against Property Case Study

Understand Loan Against Property

Rajeev has a steel manufacturing business named ‘Rajeev Steels Private Limited’ situated in Pune . His Turnover for last financial year is 30 Cr. He is in this business since 2012. His business is growing rapidly and is absolutely doing well. On the other hand he receives a huge order from a reputed company. If this deal cracks, then he will earn huge profits. But due to his habit of reinvesting companies profit into business, he is in the lack of funds. Let’s Understand Loan Against Property through this case study.

Company Highlights

 Turnover of company30 Cr
Amount required for new order8 Cr
Mortgage AvailableCompanies Premises
Company IndustrySteel Manufacturing

Since the order is huge and he is in lack of funds, he is thinking what can be done for borrowing finance. The deal is going to make his company shine but the amount required for manufacturing is massive. Perhaps his CIBIL rating is creditworthy and hence can easily get a loan from any Bank, NBFC’s or Financial Institution.

As he is unable to make decision as whom to approach for the cause. While searching Financial Consultant he came across Terkar Capital which is one of the finest debt consulting firms in Pune. He approached Terkar Capital and fixed meeting with the firm. 

Our executives understood the case and started working on it. After a proper survey, they suggested him to take Loan against Property rather than unsecured funding.  

Company Analysis

Business commencement year2012
Amount Disbursed8 Cr
Total Execution Time7 working days
Customer Service Experience4.5/5


Once the proposal was put by the borrower we strongly worked onto it and executed it thoroughly. The loan procedure was entirely done by our expert team and it got sanctioned in 3 days. Rajeev received the funds in 7 days after our first meet and was very much satisfied with the required process. Rajeev cracked the deal and his company is growing rapidly and is in strong position too. Since then Rajeev approached for all his finance from us. 

Loan Against Property process at Terkar Capital

Terkar Capital is one of the top financial firms in India and provides quality services to its customers. We help you arranging loans in Pune, Mumbai and across India. We understand the customers need and tends to provide the perfect financial solutions accordingly. Here the executives is highly trained and work enthusiastically for providing investment banking services in ease. Our timely and confidentiality in service makes us different and unique from others. So whenever it is secured or unsecured usiness loan, It is us!

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