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Animated women on pharmacy counter

Government Schemes To Strengthen MSMEs In Pharmaceutical Sector

MSMEs In Pharmaceutical Sector The pharma industry in India is highly innovative and entrepreneurial. Along with its roots in the sector, the Geo-economic healthcare landscape has been significantly altered by new startups in the traditional space. Thus more contributions need to be made to bring forward an overall larger set of solutions through a focused […]

Services of investment banking

All you need to know about Services of Investment Banking in India

Services of Investment Banking India is considered to be the fastest-growing market and the most important market in Asia. To address various challenges in front of the Indian economy, investment banking firms develop and offer more comprehensive financial instruments for business situations. Their activities include underwriting new debt and equity securities for all types of […]

How CIBIL Score affect

How CIBIL score affect your loan eligibility?

How CIBIL Score affect? Let’s understand the current scenario before diving into how your CIBIL scores affect your loan eligibility. In today’s fast-paced world, people are struggling with unpredictable situations such as financial disputes, public emergencies, uncertainties in the financial sector, securities exchange crashes, pandemics, and unfortunate employment situations. Thus, in a situation like this, […]

benefits of working capital finance

Working Capital Financing & its Benefits

Working Capital Financing When a business needs money to cover expenses such as day-to-day operations, Purchase of raw materials, wages, electricity bill payment, payroll, etc., rather than the purchase of equipment or machinery, such financing is known as Working capital financing. This is a very common type of financing for the business which does not […]

dropline overdraft

What is a Dropline Overdraft?

Dropline Overdraft (DLOD) Drop-line Overdraft (DLOD) is a facility granted to the customer by the financial institution where businesses can overdraw from their current account up to a limit that is agreed upon by the banker. Overdraft is one of the most efficient forms of borrowing as one needs to pay interest only for the […]

Letter of Credit discounting

FAQs on Letter of Credit discounting

For running the day-to-day operations working capital of the business is most important. Thus, for that, the company needs to take help of either short-term or long-term loans. Initially, all the loans were secured but now we have multiple secured as well as unsecured options available. So let us Focus on one of such working […]

difference between cash credit and overdraft

Difference between Bank Overdraft and Cash Credit

Bank Overdraft vs Cash Credit For running the daily operations working capital of the business is essential, and for that, the company needs to take short-term or long-term loans. So, the popular options in short-term loans are cash credit and overdraft and long-term loan options are the line of credit or business loans, etc. Cash […]

difference between Bank Guarantee Vs Letter of Credit

Bank Guarantee Vs Letter of Credit

A Bank Guarantee and a letter of credit are the promises from a financial institution. A borrower will actually want to reimburse an obligation to another party, regardless of the account holder’s financial conditions. While different, both bank guarantee and letter of credit, guarantee the third party that if the acquiring party can’t reimburse what […]



The micro, small and medium enterprises sector is one of the largest providers of employment and industrial output in the country. As much as 45% of industrial production and 40% of India’s exports come from the MSME sector. Hence, the need for business finance is also higher in this sector. So, to avail MSME loan […]

A Brief Description of Lease Rental Discounting

A Brief Description of Lease Rental Discounting

The leased properties can source you funds! Yes, you read it correctly. The leased properties can, however, give you funds. It can use for either expansion, purchase of assets, or paying off other loans. Such loans can obtain through a debt product called Lease Rental Discounting (popularly known as LRD). Let us learn what is […]