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Unsecured Business Loan Case Study

Let’s understand how unsecured business loan case works.

David is a successful businessman. He started his company “David and Sons Private Ltd” in 2016. Since then he has expanded his business rapidly. The number of people he employs has almost doubled since when he started. It is close to 60 now. He deals with software development. David’s company has now become a reliable brand in the market and he sees a successful future ahead.

The turnover of his company is approximately Rs. 5 crores. His business is growing for the last 3 years. This year his company has received an order worth Rs. 1.5 crore from one international client. The order is approximately 30% of last year’s sales. And he has no plan to take any chance on this order. He has urgent requirements for the funding. He has a great financial record, a good credit rating, an excellent financial history, and a promising cash flow forecast.

David requires the funding of Rs. 50 lakhs. Being a 1st-time entrepreneur, he has no fixed asset backup yet. So he does not have any assets or property to keep as collateral with the financial institution. Thus he approached Terkar Capital for assistance.

Business Highlights

Business Commencement Year2016
Turn overRs. 5 crore
Vintage4 Years
Loan requiredRs. 50 lakhs
Credit ScoreAbove 700 (As per CIBIL)

Business Analysis

Our executives analyzed David’s case. We recommended he take an Unsecured Business Loan. This business loan will be a perfect fit for his business. He can get the loan faster than other loans and no collateral will be required. His company has good financial stability. So unsecured business loan will be the best option for his situation.

We at Terkar Capital, understand the requirement and the cy of the funds required for David’s business. As per our process flow, our team of experts had a discussion with Mr. David. We understood the whole requirement, took the soft approval from the respective financial institutions, and started the execution of the process.

Amount SanctionedRs. 65 Lacs
Amount DisbursedRs. 5o Lacs (As required)
Debt Tenure5 Years.
Credit ScoreAbove 700 (As per CIBIL)

Unsecured Business Loan at Terkar Capital

Terkar Capital made the unsecured business loans available to David with our expertise and experience in the financial field. The entire execution is within 2–3 business days without any hassle.

Terkar Capital is one of the leading Corporate Financial Advisory and Consulting firms in India. We have a team of highly trained executives who assist our clients at each step of the way to get unsecured business loans and other financing options. We make sure that the picture is clear on both ends and only then begin the procedure. At Terkar Capital, we maintain our relationship with the client even after the disbursement of the loan and help them with any issues that may arise.

Once you choose Terkar Capital, you don’t need to worry!

Still, do you have any questions? check out FAQs on unsecured loans in India.

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