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Official Hours: Mon to Sat - 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Invoice Discounting

bill discounting

Invoice Discounting in India

Also known as Bill Discounting. In case of invoice discounting a seller gets his payment once he raises the invoice to his customer. Or if he/she fits certain criteria. You can get your payment once you submit the invoice to the respective financial institutions after the submission of minimal documentation. Invoice discounting will help you to get your working capital and will help your firm grow rapidly. Looking for invoice discounting services in India? Your search could stop at Terkar Capital.

Benefits of Invoice Discounting:

There are Several Benefits of invoice Discounting in India.

1. No collateral
2. Maximum Working Capital
3. Acclerate business cash cycle
4. Paying interest only on the money that you discounted
5. Best for Working Capital
6. Early Payment to suppliers


The whole process of the documentation is very simple and time-saving. Initially, when you approach us we get all the major documentation done. Once the limit is approved you only have to submit the invoice and in a day or two, the amount gets credited to your account.

Understand working of Invoice discounting from case study.

Terkar Capital for Invoice dicounting in India

Terkar Capital understand the importance of working capital for businesses. We provide maximum finance for minimum collateral and assistance through out the process. Our trained executives study each and every client’s situation. Thus, Understand their requirements. We then suggest the best financial solution for them.

In case of Invoice Discounting, We arrange the funding almost like cash credit format.Thus, the bill discounting facility limit opens. So, the client could use the limit as and when an invoice is raised.

Terkar Capital is highly reputed financial consulting and advisory firm. And have strong connections with many lending parties in the market. If you are looking for financial assistance, Terkar Capital is here for you! Get Invoice discounting services at Terkar Capital.

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