Foreign Currency Funding


The rate of interest always decided by the inflation of the country. And the inflation of the country depends on the phase of the country’s economy where it is moving. The rate of interest in underdeveloped country will always be higher than developing countries and developed countries. It is always better to explore all the sources of the funds from the Indian as well as from the international economies and choose the one which suits best to your requirement. We at Terkar Capital well understands Indian economy, international economies and your need of the business. And can explore all the best possible options to drop down your cost of capital.

Why Foreign Currency Funding at Terkar Capital?

  • Critical analysis to check the feasibility for the foreign currency funding, so should not burden to you.
  • Arranging the best LIBOR + rate
  • Experts assistance to set process for the repayment of the foreign currency loan.
  • Experts assistance for the hedging of the funds.
  • Arranging the best currency funding which suits to your business growth.
  • Fast Turnaround Time.
  • Getting funds through easy and with less complicated process.

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