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Execution Process to get a Machinery Loan

How to get Machinery Loan?

David runs a plastic manufacturing plant named “Perfect Plastics Private Limited”. He has been in the business since 2015. The turnover of David’s company is 37 crores for the last financial year. The company is rapidly growing over a period of time. He has now been approached by a large multinational company for a big deal. If this deal goes through, David’s company will earn major profits. To date whatever has been earned in the business, David has reinvested into the business. But the foreign company wants David to purchase advanced machinery to increase the productivity of his plant. This machinery will improve his business significantly. Thus, producing high-quality outputs as well. The machine will also save a significant amount of cost, time, and energy while generating profit. Let us see how Terkar Capital aids to get a machinery loan.

General Business Info

Company TurnoverRs. 37 Cr.
Amount Required for MachineryRs. 7.5 Cr.
Mortgage AvailabilityNo Mortgage
Company IndustryPlastic Manufacturing

Machinery Loan Execution Process

This is a German Machine. This machinery is very expensive and David is thinking about how he can fund the machinery. The machinery which David needs for his company costs 7.5 crores (Including GST and installation). If he doesn’t purchase the machine, the deal may not go through as a bigger company is already trying to get the deal.

machinery loan process

David’s company has a good CIBIL rating as they have a good credit history. The company also has a steady and genuine cash flow which can be reflected in the comapny accounts. Unfortunately, David does not have any assets or property which he can keep as collateral with the financial institution. Thus, he realizes that he would require a collateral-free machinery loan. The purchase is for at least 5 years at a moderate interest rate. He has good cash flow, but he cannot pull the money from the existing cash flow as this will directly affect the existing working capital and the customer’s delivery.

David is now worried and is looking after unsecured funding for machinery purchases. So, while researching financial consulting firms, he came across Terkar Capital. They are one of the leading Corporate Debt Consulting firms in India. He approached Terkar Capital and we set up a meeting with him.

Business Analysis

Business Commencement Year2015
Amount Disbursed For MachineRs. 7.5 Cr.
Total Execution Time7 Working Days.
Customer Service Experience4.3/5

How Terkar Capital assist to get a machinery loan?

Our executives understood David’s requirements. We analyzed the case in detail. After the analysis, we recommended him for Machinery Loan. Instead of going for any other unsecured term loan. A collateral-free machinery loan is a term loan for machinery. It is taken for purchasing machinery. It enables small and medium-scale enterprises to afford tools and other equipment for their use. The better is your machinery, the better the productivity. Hence the efficiency of a company.

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Execution Process

We understand the requirements. Once received all the required inputs from the company, we prepare a proposal for a machinery loan. That contains information about the company. The machinery they plan on purchasing, the amount of funding required, and others. This machine is being made in Germany so we had to make the payment to Germany. We took note of all the required inputs to execute the proposal. Thus start the execution. The machinery finance providers sanctioned within 3 days from receipt of all the documents!!

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Approval on Machinery Finance

David, thus, got a business loan for machinery 7 days after he approaches us. Now he has almost successfully completed 10 EMIs. Thus, the bottom line and the top line of the company both are in strong positions. Since then, we have been preferred as a corporate debt fundraising partner for Mr. David and his company. So whenever Perfect Plastics Private Limited requires debt funding, they just give us a call, and the rest is taken care of by our experts.

Terkar Capital is one of the best Corporate Debt Raising Consulting firms in India. We are the leading machinery finance company in India. We make sure that our clients receive the best deals in the market for plant and machinery loans. At Terkar Capital, we execute the end-to-end process for raising debt. We will make sure that your funding is processed as fast as possible. Get a machinery loan without security at Terkar Capital. Contact us today.


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