Acquiring a Machinery Loan in India


Machinery Loan

When it comes to setting up an enterprise, there are a lot of prerequisites that you need to consider. Depending on the type of business, one of the most essential requirements after capital is machinery. At times, the machinery can be quite expensive and may not fit in the budget that has been set for the establishment of the project. In such cases, machinery loan is an exemplary solution. Getting a machinery loan in India has several criteria to be met and there are different kinds as well, as per the business person’s requirement.

What is Machinery Loan?

A loan that is provided for the purchase of industrial machinery is what is termed as a machinery loan. It is generally granted to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the loan requirements will also differ from borrower to borrower. The range varies from about 2 lakhs to any amount you need as per your requirement. The tenure can also vary accordingly and can be from 5 years to 7 or 8 years, differing as per the customer. The interest rate for machinery loan in India is generally moderate as well since it is the private institutions that render these loans.

How to Get Machinery Loan?

Before moving onto the application process, you need to make sure that you are eligible for acquiring a machinery loan. There are certain criteria that you need to match at the time of putting forth your proposal.


These criteria will differ from case to case and so shall the process and document requirements. To understand the process of acquiring a machinery loan, there are a few pointers given below:

  • Know your requirement
    The process to follow depends on the requirement of the firm. This includes, what kind of machinery is to be purchased, whether the machine is to be repaired or replaced or any other requirement. The loan amount and the tenure period will depend on these requisites.
  • Understand the eligibility criteria
    Once the requirements are known, the next thing that matters is the eligibility for acquiring a machinery loan. As mentioned previously, it is extremely important that these criteria are met so that the loan can be granted to the borrower. To know the eligibility, a professional can be consulted to know what is a suitable loan as per the requirement.
  • Put forth a proposal
    After understanding the eligibility criteria and other prerequisites, a proposal for the loan can be drafted. It must contain the details about the machinery, the firm, the applicant and the amount required. There is other information that is to be mentioned as well which can better be known from a professional consultant.
  • Fulfil the document requirements
    There are documents that are to be submitted once the proposal has been accepted by the lender. The list of documents may differ from case to case and this can be known only after the approval of the proposal.

Documents required for a Machinery Loan

The documents are bound to differ as per the case. Although, there are certain requirements that are common. These are listed as follows:

  • General requirements
    • KYC Documents of borrower and co-applicants.
      • Aadhar Card
      • PAN Card
  • Statutory documents:
    • In the case of Proprietary Firm:
      • Shop Act
      • GST Registration Certificate
      • Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum
      • VAT Registration
      • GST certificate
      • Other applicable Registration documents.
    • In the case of Private / Public Limited Company/One Person Company:
      • MOA & AOA
      • Certificate of Incorporation
      • Certificate of commencement of business
      • GST Registration Certificate
      • Shop Act
      • Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum
      • VAT Registration
      • Other applicable Registration documents.
    • In the case of Partnership Firm:
      • Registered Partnership Deed
    • In Case of LLP:
      • LLP Agreement
      • Shop Act
      • Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum
      • GST Registration Certificate
      • VAT Registration
      • Other applicable Registration documents.
  • Income Documents
    • Last 3 years Financials
      • IT Returns
      • Computation Sheet & Balance-sheet
      • Proof of turnover vide latest sales/service tax returns and Invoice/ Purchase Order Copy (for Loan against receivables)
    • Last 1-year bank statement of an operative bank account.
    • Details of all existing Loans:
      • Sanction Letter
      • Loan Account Statement for last 1 year.
  • Machinery documents
    • Tax Invoice Copy of the Equipment / Machinery Purchased.
    • Proforma Invoice / Quotation of the Machinery to be purchased.

Machinery Loan in India: Terkar Capital

Acquiring a machinery loan in India is a lengthy process and requires patience and understanding of complicated procedures that comprise the loan sanctioning process. However, this can all be made simpler with some assistance. At Terkar Capital, we have the best customer support and the customer is of priority to us. We do more than just sanctioning of benefitting machinery loans and make sure that the client understands the loan process and provide any other kind of assistance that is demanded.

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