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Corporate Finance

Corporate finance deals with the capital creation and development of a corporation, including funding and the steps that the management takes to increase the value of the company. Corporate finance is considered as a liaison between the capital market and the organisation. It includes company decisions which have financial impacts, tools and analysis utilized to prioritize and distribute financial resources.

Unsecured Business Finance

While running the corporate empires, you never know, when you require short-term and critical finances. On such short notice, it is difficult to manage the funds. For that reason, we can be your helping hand by arranging the unsecured business loan financing through Banks, NBFC’s and other financial institutions.

Business Term Loan

Every business has numerous financial needs. Be it for starting a company, expanding a company, purchasing machinery, or any other needs, money is the primary requirement. Though there are a number of different loans available in the market, a term loan is the most straightforward, easy, and simple type of financial support.


Being a developing country, India has quite a number of micro and small enterprises. Considering this particular scenario of the Indian economy, the Government of India has introduced the CGTMSE Scheme. There are several perks to this scheme as well. It has benefitted most of these enterprises in building their business and renewing them.

MSMEs Loan

MSMEs are recognized under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 enacted by the Government of India. As the name states, the definition of MSMEs consists of Micro, small, and medium scale enterprises. Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers about MSMEs:

Trade Finance

Today, the calculations of the businesses have changed and are drastically changing every day like never before. Now is a great chance to explore business at the international level. Be it product manufacturing or the services you provide. But there are various challenges of dealing with products into the international market. The challenge of working capital, the challenge of the surety of the payment, challenge of the credit period, etc. There is the role of the business people that comes into the picture. They take risks to succeed. 


Quality services and the products business always have the scope to grow the business and it grows to the exponential level.While expanding the business there is always a requirement of good resources, financial resources are important among them. When it comes to financial resources most of the businesses need working capital support. And the working capital support without any collateral adds the real value to the business.

Bill Discounting

Bill discounting or invoice discounting is a trade when a seller gets his payment once he raises the invoice to his customer and if he/she fits certain criteria. You can get your payment once you submit the invoice to the respective financial institutions after the submission of minimal documentation. Invoice discounting will help you to get your working capital and will help your firm grow rapidly.

Working Capital Loan

Working Capital Finance

To adapt with the growing world one needs to manage every aspect of the business effectively, many times it becomes difficult to manage finances and there comes the need of funds. Small or medium enterprises face these issues more frequently. Here, working capital finance helps in such a scenario.

Machinery Loan

Machinery Loan

Small and medium scale enterprises (SME) are vital to India’s growth. However, quite often, the lack of a strong capital for them hampers their growth. In fact, many enterprises fall apart as they’re not able to keep up with the big fishes in the industry. A machinery loan is something that acts as a saviour for your enterprise.

Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property

Isn’t it great if your one property helps you create another property? Of course, it is. Loan against property is among the most preferred products for both lenders and the borrowers. Pawning your property helps to gain lenders’ faith in you and your project. Once lenders develop the trust in your project, they will give lowest possible ROI.

Project Finance

Project Finance

Indian economy offers numerous options to procure the finances for Indian Businesses. Many small and medium sector companies can take advantage of Indian Stock Markets with proper guigences and right lenders. We at Terkar Capital helps SME’s to raise the capital with the help of Indian stock markets-through SME IPO’s.

Lease Rental Discounting

Owing to the rise of businesses in the country, there are several options available for loans in the Indian Debt Market. Lease rental discounting is one of such loans. Despite the fact that rented property is a steady source of income, the providers of the loan are quite limited. The lease rental discounting loan is acquired for several purposes such as starting a new business, investing in another property, personal reasons and others.

Debt Syndication

Businesses require funding for several reasons, be it for business expansion, starting a plant, buying machinery, or anything else. Sometimes, the requirement might be so large that a single lender or bank will not be able to provide by themselves. What do you do in such a situation? Well, this is where debt syndication loan is the perfect solution. By allowing multiple lenders to provide sections of the entire loan amount, it allows you to obtain large amounts of funds. 

Unsecured Business Finance

Foreign Currency Funding

Foreign currency funding comes into picture when you borrow the amount you need in a foreign currency and repay the loan in that foreign currency too. There are many businesses in India today which have exposure to foreign currency. Such businesses can take foreign currency funding. The loan can be given in US Dollars, Euros, or such other currencies across the world. Foreign currency loans can be taken in various ways.

Sugar Pledge Loans

The sugar industry is one of the most capital intensive industries. There is a huge capital involved to start as well as run the industry. The turnaround time for sugarcane to cash is very high. Financing sugar companies can thus be a problem. And this is one of the main reasons why sugar industries face crunches on working capital. This working capital issue of the sugar industry can be best sorted out with the sugar pledge.

builder financing

Builder Finance

Cities known for their ‘Architecture’ are conceived by creative architects and builder fraternity. Real estate industry is amongst the major contributors to the growth of Indian economy. We at Terkar Capital are morally obliged to finance the builder fraternity, be it an ongoing project or a new one across all of its stages.

Private Equity

Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Private Equity Funds form part of curiosity. But very short road maps are available to reach these destinations. Big ideas require Big Execution and Big Execution requires Big Money. We understand your business.

Private Debt

The banking system of any country is the major contributor to the Economy. Government and Bankers always put the efforts to carry out all the economic transactions through the banking system. The banking system works in a defined framework. And there are always some exceptions to the standard condition. 

Project Report For Funding

Benjamin Franklin very well said, Fail to plan is plan to fail. Whenever, you’re planning to expand through your existing set up or through your new unit or  through vertical or horizontal expansion, you must be ready with the projections and the plan. There are many questions you need to clarify on. For example, How much time you may require to set up the unit,

Funding for Schools in India

Starting a school is not at all an easy task, it has to go through many steps which include land or premises allotment, construction of building, hiring staff, documentation, etc. To overcome these challenges, funding is provided to improve the infrastructure and to meet growing expectations of individuals. This facility is obtained through Project Funding or term loans, as per the requirements of borrower.