Trade finance

trade finance

Trade Finance in India

Today, the calculations of the businesses have changed and are drastically changing every day like never before. Now is a great chance to explore business at the international level. Be it product manufacturing or the services you provide. But there are various challenges of dealing with products in the international market. The challenge of working capital, surety of the payment, credit period, etc. Are you looking for Trade Finance companies in India? Your search could stop at Terkar Capital.

There is the role of the business people that comes into the picture. They take risks to achieve success. However, we at Terkar Capital always stand by Business owners and the business community to minimise the risk and help them to get the best possible reward out of it.

While dealing with international trade, to export various goods, we can help you with Trade Finance. This is one of the best financial instruments we can use while dealing with an international client for minimising your financial risk. Learn more about trade finance.

What is Trade Finance?

Trade Finance is one of the financial instruments that helps you to bridge the gap between you and your export business working capital. Many companies do not indulge in the export of goods and services due to the challenge of working capital and the surety of the payment. We at Terkar Capital arrange the international trade finance for your clients so that they don’t have a working capital crunch and can easily explore the international market.

Understand How Terkar Capital executes trade finance from case study.

trade finance at terkar capital


1. Is collateral Required for Trade Finance?

Most of the financial product comes with some kind of mortgage, especially into the debt market. However, we at Terkar Capital, arrange the Export Finance without any kind of mortgage.

2. At which stage will we get the funding?

The process of business trade finance starts when you receive the Purchase Order (PO). Once we receive a purchase order, we will complete all the required documentation related to the export. Once the goods are shipped, the amount will be released to you.

3. Should the full amount of the invoice be paid?

There is a risk involved while dealing with unknown customers. When you ship your goods you will be paid almost 90% of the invoice amount (Maximum, depending upon the client and the export country). Once your customer makes the payment to the respective financial institutions, you receive the remaining balance.

4. How will the interest be charged?

The interest will start only when you will receive the amount. The interest will be applicable until the customer makes the payment. Once the financial institution receives the payment from the client, the process stops charging interest.

5. What will be the basis of the limit?

The amount of export finance will vary depending on the exporter and the country of the exporter. The better the country, the better the finance you will get.

Why Terkar Capital?

Terkar capital is one of the best trade finance companies in India. We provide a hassle-free arrangement for trade finance services. We understand the businesses and their financial strengths and weaknesses and only then recommend the best financial solutions. This helps businesses to minimise their risk and to get access to better financial products. Thus, eventually saving the cost and strengthening the bottom line.

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