Debt Syndication case study

Understand Debt Syndication through Case Study!

John is an entrepreneur. He owns a manufacturing company called ‘JB Private Limited’. He has been in business for 10 years now. The turnover of his company is Rs. 550 crores. John has one plant and an office in Mumbai. Now his business has been growing rapidly. He is realising that he should open one more plant. Due to the increasing orders, his plant cannot take the load. Therefore, he decides to start a new plant in Pune. So that the efficiency of his business increases and he can get more orders. Let’s Understand Debt Syndication process.

But John needs to take funding for the expansion of his business. While he is calculating and analysing the amount of funding required for the business expansion he realises that he needs funding of Rs. 100 crores. One financial institution cannot lend such a huge amount of loan. He goes to different banks in order to get loans from each one. Soon he realises this process is complicated.

One of his business colleagues recommends him to approach Terkar Capital for debt syndication services. John approaches one of our us and we set up a meeting with him to discuss his requirements.

Business Highlights

Company Turnover Rs. 550 Crores
Amount Of Funding Required Rs. 100 Crores
Mortgage Availability Factory Land, Commercial Property, Residential Property
Company Industry Manufacturing Industry


During the meeting with Mr John, our team understood the requirement of amount, mortgage available, expansion plan and expected rate of interest. After we understood his business situation and requirements, we were very clear the desired amount cannot be arranged from single financial institutions. We had to put in a couple of good bankers. So that can take partial exposure with pari passu.  Thus, we informed Mr John, we will arrange the required funding through the debt Syndication facility. 

The Debt Syndication meaning is that it takes place when a loan asked by a business or corporate is too large for one financial institution to lend. So, it is basically outside the scope of the lender’s risk-exposure level. Several lenders take the fund.  A debt syndication loan is a structured product that is arranged and administered effectively. So, this is generally done by a third party or a consulting firm since there are many lending parties involved. 

Business Commencement Year2010
Amount RequiredRs. 100 Crores
Moratorium Period24 Months
Amount Sanctioned  105 Crores. 
Customer Service Experience 4.4/5

We prepared a proposal for John’s loan and reached out to various lenders regarding the debt syndication process. After a week we had all the lending financial institutions, the documentation and the soft approval ready. Once Mr John was OK with the soft approval, we executed the whole operational process. So, we arranged the funding. He was very happy with our services and the execution of the entire process. 

Understand Debt Syndication at Terkar Capital

Terkar Capital is one of the leading debt syndication companies in India. Our credibility in the market has helped us to cultivate many valuable connections with various lending parties. So, therefore we provide the best debt syndication opportunities in India. We understand that the debt syndication process may be cumbersome and long drawn for some of our clients. There is a need to meet and coordinate with multiple lenders. It is for these loans and need to arrange many permutations and combinations.

But, no worries now!

Our highly trained executives at Terkar Capital are here to assist you at every step of the debt syndication process. Thus, being one of the best debt syndication firms, we coordinate the entire procedure for you. We get your debt syndication done as soon as possible. We are with the best and finest financial products available in the market. So, Looking for debt syndication services? Terkar Capital is here to assist you!

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