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what is bank guarantee

Understanding Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee in India Every business needs a backbone of funds. It is for its effective operations and to maintain the competition in the market. Moreover, there are several debt instruments available for funding. While Bank Guarantee used the most. let’s undestand what is bank guarantee? lending institution offers Bank Guarantee (BG) as financial instrument. […]

Overdraft Facility

What is an Overdraft Facility?

Overdraft Facility in India Almost every bank or financial institution in India provides an overdraft facility to its customers. Bank decides the loan amount and interest rate criteria. It may differ and shall depend on the borrower’s profile, repayment capacity, relationship with the banker and also the financial history. Let us understand what is a […]

What is a Letter of Credit?

What is a Letter of Credit?

What is letter of credit? Every business needs fund for running its operations. Be it for starting a company, expanding a company, purchasing machinery or working capital need. The major requirement of finances for many businesses is for working capital. Traditionally, most of the working capital financial instruments were secured. One must have some kind […]

Cash Credit Facility

Understanding Cash Credit Facility

Cash Credit Facility The Cash Credit is an instrument of working capital finance. The lender enables customers to use the specified amount. And pay interest only on the used amount. The amount cannot exceed the sanctioned amount. This is known as a “Credit Limit” by the bank. The cash credit facility is generally given for […]

Funds For IT Industry

Raising Funds For IT Industry

Funds for IT Industry Running an industry leads to a lot of complications. Be that a manufacturing or service industry. If we talk about the Service Industry, it includes providing services to businesses or final consumers. That comprises Information Technology Services, Tourism, Restaurants, Transportation, Health Care, Entertainments, Clothing Brands, etc. So, IT being the most […]

Loan Against Property

Myths About Loan Against Property

Loans against property Myths It is a market full of endless possibilities where anything can happen anytime. When it comes to mortgage loans, one of the most significant finance options is Loan against Property. However, since these loans do not require collateral against them and have minimal eligibility criteria, the amount that can be availed […]

Knowing About Trade Finance

All the emerging businesses need a backbone of funds for running them efficiently. Many times, due to the lack of working capital, the business operation faces a downfall in operation. That ultimately affects the whole functioning. While trading or dealing domestically or across borders, there are several necessary factors involved. Right from purchasing or manufacturing […]

Business Loan for a startup in India

Business Loan for startup in India Loans are essential to all business enterprises for their establishment, operations, growth, and upgrades from time to time. The financial allocation for any business is likely to be enormous. The promoter businessperson has to seek a loan from a suitable lender for financing the project. In fact, loans are […]

Understanding CIBIL Score

Do you know What CIBIL score is actually? CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) score reflects your creditworthiness. It has a basis on your borrowing and repayment history, as shared by lenders. Cibil score ranges between 300-900. Score above 700 is generally considered good. Different lenders have different requirements concerning credit score. It is like […]

factoring funding

Factoring Funding

While running a business, there might arise the need for immediate cash flows for managing working capital finances like paying utility bills or dues, etc. There can be a situation where the seller has sold the goods on credit to the buyer. And the buyer promises to pay the money after a specified credit period. […]